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Squid Install -=Debian=- SquidGuard Configuration

The base squidguard install from Debian does not include any block lists.

Here is how to setup a base list from the free list provider MESD.

Download the list from the squid proxy server by running this set of commands.

cd /var/lib/squidguard
tar xvzf blacklists.tgz
cd blacklists
mv * ../db

The list is now downloaded but is not active.
To activate any of the lists and create the databases for use the config needs to be edited
If you mess this up, by default there is a backup copy called squidGuard.conf.default.

edit this file and make these changes
dest porn{
domainlist porn/domains
urllist porn/urls
log porn-blocked.log

move down to the acl section and remove these sections

change default to look like this

default {
pass !porn any

To create the db files for squidGuard use type in this command.
squidGuard -C all -d -b
this will create the db files and show you the status as it works on them.
** Press CTRL-C to close out once it is done if it does not go back to the pompt

Edit the squid config file to activate squidGuard.
Find the section for url_rewrite_program
Add this line to the section.
url_rewrite_program /usr/bin/squidGuard
close the config file
restart squid
/etc/init.d/squid restart
it should be ready to go
for a simple test, point your browsers proxy settings at the server and attempt to go to
it should be blocked and give you the sop sign.
the block should be logged in the /var/log/squidguard/porn-blocked.log

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