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Squid Install -=Debian=- OS install stage

Base system installation installation before getting squid up and running.
This has been written up may times, this is just my take on it.

Download the network install of debian linux from here ( amd64 or i386)

Use the ISO to install debian on physical hardware by burning a cd, or install by inserting the ISO in a VM.

Install the system filling in all the information for your network. The last step asks you what kind of system you are creating, choose base system and ssh only at this point. all other will be added post install.

Add the contrib non-free to the end of all the sources listed in the apt-get sources.list file here /etc/apt/sources.list

** You may need to install the sudo command as root (apt-get install sudo) and add the newly created user to the sudoers group. (edit the /etc/group file and add your new user to the end of the sudoers group line) **